Aviation Familiarisation for 3 Cadets

Aviation Familiarisation for 3 Cadets

This weekend 3 Cadets travelled to RAF Woodvale to visit 631 Aviation Ground School. They were there to take part in an Aviation familiarisation course, amongst other things, they were shown, and had the chance to practice:

  • How the pitch is controlled using the Elevators 

  • How the rudder affects the yawing plane

  • How to Roll the aircraft using the Ailerons  

  • What happens when the glider stalls


Whats next ?

The Blue Aviation Training Program introduces cadets to aeronautical concepts including the primary and further effects of controls, lift vectors and airfield procedures . There are 4 elements to the training:

1. Cadet Aviation Familiarisation Course (FAM)

2. Ground school

3. Part Task Trainer (PTT)

4. Airborne sortie(s)  Volunteer Gliding School (VGS) for G Wings 

Air Cadet Blue Gliding Wings

So hopefully in the coming months we can get the Cadets down to RAF Topcliffe at 645 VGS to go up in the Viking Glider

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