Merseyside Wing Aviation Training Weekend

Merseyside Wing Aviation Training Weekend

This weekend we had over 30 Cadets from within Merseyside Wing gather at 306 (Runcorn) Squadron, their aim was to prepare for the rapidly approaching Wing Competitions Day. They were given training around 2 of the disciplines the Flight Sim Competition and the Drone Competition, they also had some time off to relax on the Archery range.

Flight Sim Training

Cadets flew the Mooney Bravo and the Scottish Aviation Bulldog.  

Cadets will be required to:

  • Demonstrate a good knowledge of the MS Flight Simulator.
  • Use checklists for take-off & downwind.
  • Fly 3 circuits in zero wind conditions.
  • Track the runway centreline accurately on both take-off and final approach.
  • Fly within the following parameters:
  1. Speed +/- 5 knots.
  2. Altitude +/- 50ft.
  3. Heading +/- 10 degs.
  4. Fly a visual left hand circuit from the chosen Runway
  5. Circuit altitude is 800ft, turning on to finals at the correct point and maintaining a stable and lined up approach.
  6. Fly 2 touch & go approaches and a final landing.

Drone Training and Flying

This is the first year that it has made it onto WCD and as such Cadets from all Squadrons within the Wing were invited to the training which was lead by Flt Lt Roger Ellison of 632 Sqn VGS. 

Cadets were taken through a safety briefing on using drones and the laws around operating them. 

After this all Cadets were given training on how to fly them and even given the opportunity to to go through to obstacle courses.


To give the Cadets a break from learning we also ran the archery range

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