Summer Holidays, No rest for the wicked

Summer Holidays, No rest for the wicked

Summer holidays, what are those ?  We’ve had busy Cadets taking part in a weeklong camp at RAF Shawbury and Cadets going on a Fieldcraft Training Exercise Find out more of what they got upto below..

But first.. I would like to thank all of the volunteers involved, without their dedication events like these would not happen ! 

Fieldcraft Training

This weekend cadets from Sector 3 and 5 completed Initial Fieldcraft Training (IFT), Exercise First Light. IFT is designed to produce a cadet who is self-sufficient when in the field. This included building and sleeping in basha’s 

Sgt Oldham 

“Over the weekend we learnt all the basics of fieldcraft. It included camouflage and concealment, making a shelter and surviving for 24 hours off your own kit and abilities. My favourite part was the final exercise where you had to think about all parts of field craft and find different objects scattered around a forest whilst following a trail of “blood” to find the objective.”

RAF Shawbury Camp

The Cadets were in tented indoor accomodation, indoor tents I hear you say, they slept in tented accomodation inside one of the Stations Aircraft Hangars! They had tours of the station including the Air Traffic Control Tower, The ATC Simulator and the State of the art Juno Helicopter Simulator. They got hands on in flights in the Juno Helicopters and flights in the Grob Tutor. They were also put through their paces with basic RAF fitness tests.

Cdt Baldwin

“We lived in a hanger for the week, we did activities such as swimming, tubing, games, Drayton manor, RAF fitness test, drill, leadership skills and so much more. I had the best time and made friends and memories forever.” 

Is this something would like to be involved in ?

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