306  Cadets Fly High at RAF Shawbury

306 Cadets Fly High at RAF Shawbury

Cadets from 306 (Runcorn) Squadron Air Training Corps were extremely lucky to be invited to RAF Shawbury for a day visit to RAF sections and some flew the advanced RAF Juno Flight simulator and other got flights in the Juno Helicopter.

RAF Police

We Started out visiting the RAF Police and had an in-depth talk of what their role is on Stations and when out on tours, we even met Masie one of the Police sniffer dogs, we were then given some of the issued kit to examine, nobody was handcuffed though.

ATC Simulator

We then moved onto the state of the art Air traffic Control Visual Simulator (Vis Sim),  this Sim is out of this world, the level of detail is amazing nothing has been spared, down to the Ambulance that is on it is an actual RAF Pinzgauer Ambulance, we would of loved to have a go on it however to get anywhere near it we would of needed months of prior training. On the left we included an image of it and a link to the manufacturer’s website which goes into a bit of detail and has some more pictures, it truly is immense.

Runcorn Cadets at RAF Shawbury

Flights in the Juno

Watson  Loved it, staff were very friendly and we’re happy to take any questions. The police staff told us what our dogs are used for. The ATC tower simulation was interesting, and to see kind of skill you would need to be a air traffic controller. It was interesting to see the equipment they train on to be able to use the radar equipment. The actual flight was AMAZING! It was a once in a life time experience and if you were in the front see they let you use the control colum for a few minutes and the pilot was very friendly. Over all a great experience and I would recommend to future cadets

Cdt Pill  A really good experience overall. I would definitely do it again and strongly advise anyone who can, to take the opportunity. All members were very helpful and polite. The Juno flights are a wonderful experience aswell

Cdt Arnold Had an amazing time at shawbury , a once in a life time experience that could never be forgotton. The staff at the airbase were helpful and great aswell. Everybody made us feel welcomed and made us feel like we fit in. 306 staff were great aswell for taking us on this amazing trip, had a wonderful time 

Cdt Mayers It was such an amazing place to visit. All the staff of RAF Shawbury were very welcoming and everyone was helpful. The trip was so much more than I was originally thinking and I would definitely recommend another trip like this because it’s a once in a lifetime experience. The Juno flights were amazing and it was great to go flying and it was a wonderful day trip to go on.

Cdt Alexander Great experience to go on, the staff and pilots were very helpful and nice. Great activity to get out of school on. The lectures and lessons were very well taught and thought out. The helicopter ride was spectacular; the pilot was skilled and he even let one of the Cadets have a go at the controls! Finally, the food at lunchtime was delicious and the prices were great! Overall, a wonderful trip and Experience!

Cdt Lewis  An amazing experience in total , I loved every Minute of it. The staff was so welcoming and I love he Juno flights, I highly recommend it to anyone that gets the chance to go it was a great experience over al


Sgt Kirkham

CI Mould

RAF H135 Juno

About the Juno

  • Powerplant two Safran Helicopter Engines Arrius 2B2plus turboshafts
  • Length overall 39ft 8½in (12.10m)
  • Height 12ft 3½in (3.75m)
  • Maximum take-off weight 6,570lb (2,980kg)
  • Maximum speed 140kt (278km/h)
  • Maximum range 329nm (609km)
  • Hovering ceiling in ground effect 12,700ft
The Airbus Helicopters H135 Juno was the replacement for the Squirrel HT1 in the basic rotary wing training role with the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury. 

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