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Fire Station Visit – 17/07/18

Runcorn Fire Visit

In July we were invited to the Runcorn Fire Station by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service. Here's what happened...

We should of took spare clothes...

Archery – 10/07/18


On the 10th July 2018 cadets underwent training and a range day (evening) with a Bow and Arrow. A big thanks to Mr Kirkham for running the range.


Recruit Flyer 1

If you love aircraft, action and adventure, then the Air Cadets is for you. The Air Cadets is a UK-wide cadet force sponsored by the Royal Air Force. As a cadet, you’ll get the chance to do things that others only dream about such as adventurous training, camps, drill and real flight experience. So if you’re aged 12 (and in Year 8)  - 17 and you’re looking for a challenge call 01928 890 200 (calls will only be answered on parade nights) email us at 306@aircadets.org .

Where are we ?

We are located in the former TA Barracks, opposite the Post Office Sorting Office.

When are you open?

We Parade Tuesdays and Fridays from 19:00 until 21:30 (approximately) 

So, are you ready to take the first step towards all the opportunities and benefits that the air cadets can offer you?

It's important to know that we're not a recruiting organisation for the Services (but it's great if you decide you want to join later on). We're not interested in anything but you and your potential, and will help you get the most from your experience as a cadet.

Worried about fitting in? Equality is a central part of the Air Cadets’ ethic. The cadet experience is open to everyone, so whatever your nationality, background or ability, whether you're male or female, if you're between 13, or at age 12 when beginning school year 8 and 17 years old you can join us.

The maximum age for entry is 17 years old, therefore you can request to join us anytime between your 12th and 17th birthday. If you are above that age group and still want to enjoy all of our activities and more, you could join as a volunteer.

What's in it for you?

Aside from flying, sports, target shooting, adventure training and great fun? You’ll soon find that being an air cadet is its own reward - you constantly see the benefits of your own efforts, building on your achievements and earning BTECs and DoE Awards. You'll be expected to take part in as many of the activities we run as possible, but with what's on offer you won't need much persuading!

We have high standards to maintain as we are a 'military' youth organisation and you'll naturally take pride in your uniform (we supply that) and appearance. You'll be well mannered and self-disciplined. You'll be joining an organisation of which you’ll be very proud.

Final Parade

Contact Form

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  • June 22, 2018

Cadets learn to fly high with new flight sim

306 Cadets Flight Sim Launch
The cutting of the ribbon

On 27th April 2018, Officer’s, Staff and Cadets of 306 (Runcorn) Sqn RAFAC unveiled their new state of the art flight simulator.
(Pictured above: Cdt P Diprose, Cpl T Westwood with SM Devereux, David Keane and Insp Khan)

Special guests

Amongst the guests invited to the opening ceremony was David Keane PCC for Cheshire, Insp Fez Khan from Runcorn Local Policing unit and Station Manager Stuart Devereux from Runcorn fire station, Squadron civilian committee members who helped to raise funds for flight sim were also present.

The flight sim will be used by cadets to learn basic aircraft controls and handling before they take to the skies in one of the RAF’s Tutor training aircraft. We are also fortunate enough to have 2 qualified pilots as staff members who will teach the cadets how to fly using the simulator.

The maiden voyage

Plt Officer Lee takes our guests on a quick pleasure flight

The maiden voyage

Cadets also prepared and delivered a short demonstration of activities they can take part in for the guest to get a better understanding of what the RAFAC has to offer young people within the community.

Indoor Kyaking

The new extreme sport of Indoor Kyacking

Twitter post
Final Parade
Cutting of the cake

mmm..... cake

The RAFAC is open to any young person aged 12 (in year 8 of school) and 18; 306 Sqn is based on Crown Gate Barracks in Runcorn, opposite the Royal Mail sorting office near to Runcorn Shopping City and meets on Tuesday and Friday evenings 7pm-9.30pm

Christmas Greetings 2017

ATC Father Christmas

As Christmas approaches, it is time to reflect on what happened here at 306 Runcorn Air Cadets during 2017. Yet again and without question, it has been a very busy and exciting year with a huge number of challenging and varied activities being undertaken.

We enjoyed our visit to Liverpool Airport's Air Traffic Control Tower, we did well at Wing Training Day and the way you presented yourselves for the Rememberance Parade was exemplary and we are extremely proud of you all. We have recently got our Website up and running which includes monthly Air Rec quizzes and up to date News for our Squadron and Wing. 

These events only happened due to the dedicated, enthusiastic, and hardworking Adult Volunteers, who balance home life and work commitments with cadet activities.

Looking forward to 2018: A TOP SECRET exciting Project to be revealed early 2018, Annual Camps, Wing Training Day, The DoE walks have already started to be planned and there are many other exciting activities planned.

Don't get lost, squashed or mashed....

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Kind Regards

Runcorn 306 Air Training Corps Officers and Staff

ATC Father Christmas

To all members of the RAF Air Cadets,

As we approach the end of another busy year, I wish to pay tribute to all staff, volunteers and cadets for their enduring and positive approach to the many challenges we confront as we seek to deliver the best possible cadet and staff experience and maintain our reputation for excellence in the world of uniformed youth organisations.

There is no doubt that it has been a difficult year as we have seen the implementation of a new Cadet Forces Commission and the associated re-branding of the Organisation to ensure that all uniformed volunteers display the same insignia. If we had known how difficult this process would be, I am sure we would have approached it differently but, in the absence of precedent, we all did the best we could to navigate complex legal and procurement issues to achieve our goal. It took far longer than we’d hoped and it was far more difficult than anyone envisaged and I know it has knocked the confidence of many in our ability to manage change effectively. I apologise again for the stress and confusion caused by the various delays and mixed messaging and hope that we can now put this difficult exercise behind us and move forward as one team. I genuinely believe this is a positive change for our Organisation and that we can develop Terms & Conditions that are better suited to volunteering in a military Cadet Force than the regulations that pertain to Regulars and deployable Reservists. And for those who fear that the new Queen’s Commission lacks the status of the former commission, you need only read the foreword by CAS in our latest edition of Air Cadet magazine to know just how much he and the rest of the RAF value their Cadet Force. We remain very much part of the RAF Family and our reputation and profile is as high as it has ever been.

Plt Off Wareham of 632 VGS prepares for the first solo Viking flight from RAF Ternhill since 1978

Another key challenge has been the on-going glider recovery programme but the news is definitely improving and we now have VGSs operating at Syerston, Topcliffe, Little Rissington, Upavon and Tern Hill, with Kirknewton due to accept recovered aircraft in the New Year. Despite challenges with access to gliding and AEF, hundreds of cadets have started their aviation training, with blue and bronze badges being achieved in every Region and in the CCF, with encouraging signs of silver and gold achievement, too. Over 100 cadets have secured flying scholarships and others have been able to experience aviation at civilian clubs cleared by 2FTS. The Aviation Musters this year at RAF Benson and RAF Topcliffe were hugely successful in getting over 2000 cadets and volunteers airborne and there is an increasing sense that aviation is getting back to the heart of the cadet syllabus.

Whilst aviation is important, it does not define all that we do and we have had another amazing year delivering a very broad syllabus of cadet activity. Sport, road-marching, D of E, music, drill, target shooting, AT, field-craft, first aid, STEM, camps, BTECs, aircraft recce and modelling, leadership, teamwork and communications have all played their part in helping cadets achieve their potential, develop self-confidence, and enhance their employment prospects. None of this would be possible without the selfless commitment of the adult volunteers who take time to qualify themselves and then pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation. I pay tribute here, too, to the Staff Cadets, who have stepped up to take greater responsibility for delivering the cadet experience to younger cadets and are proving an invaluable resource to hard-pressed volunteers. The Civilian Committees who work hard behind the scenes to support each and every Sqn, and the network of volunteer chaplains also deserve mention for their contribution to our work. It is very much a team effort and I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for all that you do, permanent staff or volunteer, uniformed or not, commissioned or non-commissioned. You all do your bit and together you deliver an incredible amount of high quality, safe and effective training that provides our young people with a springboard to their future, whatever that may be.

Once again, I have taken every opportunity to get out and about to visit ATC and CCF (RAF) activities around the UK and I have attended a wide range of activities to ensure I understand the challenges faced at grass roots level, but also the daily achievements of cadets and staff, many of which have literally moved me to tears of pride. Whether that is a pitch-perfect performance by the National Choir or Bands, the awesome final parade at the Drill & Ceremonial Camp, the incredible week of Aerospace activities at Syerston or the many Wg and Sqn events I have been able to visit, I am left humbled and overwhelmed by the commitment and dedication of our staff and the unlimited talents of our young people. We have deployed some of our best cadets overseas as ambassadors on IACE, or overseas expeditions, and we have enabled some high calibre young people to represent us in the Houses of Parliament or briefing Royalty, and they have all done us proud.

The New Year brings RAF100

I expect that theme to continue next year as we gear up to support our parent Service as it celebrates its Centenary. RAF100 promises many opportunities for cadets and volunteers to get involved in national and local events aimed at celebrating the RAF’s many achievements, commemorating the past, and inspiring the future. I look forward to cadets and staff joining the RAF across the UK, augmenting the footprint of Regulars, Reservists and Veterans and doing our best to support the Centenary with parades, celebrations, themed camps, overseas expeditions and fundraising. We can make a big difference to the reach of our parent Service and I know you all stand ready and willing to help.

I close by sending my heartfelt best wishes to everyone in the RAF Air Cadets for a peaceful and enjoyable festive season, hopefully spent with friends and family albeit I have no doubt that many of you will be working. Take time to relax and recharge the batteries as I can promise you that 2018 is going to be another busy and exciting year. I am proud to command the RAF Air Cadets and I hope you all share that sense of pride in belonging to a world class uniformed youth organisation which, despite its many challenges, delivers exceptional opportunities to exceptional young people. We are a Force for Good in this world and I for one take enormous pride in being associated with the RAF Air Cadets and all who support our organisation. Thank you all for what you do and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dawn McCafferty

Air Cdre

Comdt RAF Air Cadets

Instructor Cadet Syllabus

Instructor Cadet Lanyard
To complete your Instructor Cadet Syllabus, you must be aged 16+ and complete the following components:
  • Method of Instruction Course
  • Lesson delivery assessed in a training environment

Once you have completed all the training, you will be eligible for the Instructor Cadet lanyard

To complete your Instructor Cadet Syllabus, you must be aged 16+ and complete the following components:

  • Method of Instruction Course
  • Lesson delivery assessed in a training environment

  • Once you have completed all the training, you will be eligible for the Instructor Cadet lanyard

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